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Colonic Hydrotherapy: Angel Room 60 minutes

Service variants

Any Therapist
£85 BOOK
Owner Amanda
£90 BOOK


The ONLY medical device of it's kind in Ireland. A state of the art colon irrigation system for an even more effective & relaxing colonic experience.

The ultra-modern Angel offers a more privatised and deeper cleanse as the client applies natural force (as if going to the toilet) to take water in and release it themselves through the special basin design. Watch this video on the Angel.

Please allow one hour for your treatment. Enhance your treatment by adding on a 45minute infrared sauna or professional nutrition and lifestyle counselling.

Angel Special Offers:

  • 3 Sessions: £230
  • 5 Sessions: £350

Terms and Conditions:

  • PAYMENT: in full up-front. Packages are CASH ONLY.
  • EXPIRY: Packages must be pre-allocated & used within 6 months of purchase.
  • CANCELLATIONS: Less than 24 hours notice will result in a deducted session or £20 Charge.