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Contactless: ANGEL Colonic Hydrotherapy 45 minutes

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The ONLY advanced colon cleansing medical device in Ireland. Adhere's to social distancing rules with it's unique privatised experience.

The ultra-modern Angel offers a more privatised and deeper cleanse as the client applies natural force (as if going to the toilet) to take water in and release it themselves through the special basin design. Watch explanatory video.

Please complete this online disclaimer prior to your treatment.

COVID-19 Appointment Guidelines:

  • Please come to your appointment alone.
  • Please wear a mask when entering the clinic.
  • Please wash your hands as soon as you enter and after your session.
  • Only come at your appointment time. There is no waiting area as reception is set up to ensure social distancing.

New stricter disinfection protocols:

  • Professional-grade ozone air purifiers spread throughout our clinic.
  • Your therapist will be fully covered with mask, gloves and shoe covers.
  • Hand washing facilities and sanitisers are placed throughout our clinic.
  • Additional time for deep cleaning process between sessions.

As always, we follow strict disinfection protocols with each session plus an ozone oxygen ioniser to clean the air. We always provide new clean laundered towels and other linens for each service.

Please note that currently only Amanda is taking appointments, so availability may be limited. Adherence to our 48-hour cancellation policy is appreciated, otherwise a £20 fee may incur.

Special Offers:

Package Terms and Conditions:

  • PAYMENT: Special Offers are Cash Only, in full and up-front.
  • PRE-ALLOCATION: Book sessions online at your desired time slots.
  • EXPIRY: Use within 9 months of purchase.

Ideally you have started your recommended supplementation prior to your appointment to help a deeper more effective cleanse. Please complete this Health Assessment for advice and browse our online store.

Please help assist your therapist with coordinating contactless appointments by being on time, streamlining the check out process and allowing time for deep cleans before the next arrival. Please complete this online disclaimer prior to your treatment.