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Inner Angel Training Courses

Progress through our online and in-house training courses, along with our Workplace Earn as you Learn scheme. Our courses allow you to pick up new skills and qualifications, earn commission and offer you an exciting new career in the Health and Wellness industry.

1. Self Development

3 x weekly in-house sessions or online. Includes course materials, portfolio, vision board and an additional complementary treat day of therapies at the clinic.

2. The Workplace

Earn as you learn with our Workplace Apprenticeship. Flexible in-house training delivery with handbook and regular assessments.

Bonus: First Aid and/or Food Hygiene Certificate

3. The Products

Learn about our nutritional supplements, juices and skincare. Promote products in-house, online, within your workplace and in your community to earn commission.

Bonus: Online Selling certified course

4. Health Promotion

Research, plan and carry out our Health promotion workshops in your community. Support your group reach their wellness goals, keep up with blogs and attend marketing events.

5. Nutrition

Learn Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocols as a Nutrition Advisor, help with Nutritionist-led clinics and workshops and follow up with clients online using our Nutrition protocols.

6. Therapies

Holistic therapists can work while learning a new vocation in Colonic Hydrotherapy with Instructor Amanda or study with our Reiki Master Jodie.

7. Business Management

Consolidate leadership and management skills to manage your own Inner Angel branch.

When booking, note which courses you are interested in, and whether you would like to visit our clinic or receive a phone call from the Course Director.